Windsurf center and school "The Surf PIT" was founded in Zagreb, and works in the area of Sv. Filip i Jakov near Biograd. We hold the trial, beginners, advanced, backward, and all the other courses that you can think of, and have to do with windsurfing.



The Surf PIT TEAM are:

Petar "Perichi" Glušica
Born 02.11.1979 . in Zagreb. 2003 joined the Windsurfing club "Zagreb" and has become an active member. From 2004-2008 he worked as an instructor in windsurfing centers on Brac and Pelješac. In 2009 he has received the windsurfing instructor diploma at the European level. Short time a competitor in the slalom Cup in Croatia and Adria Cup. President of the Windsurfing club "Zagreb" from 2010-2015. Sometimes refuses a beer, but never the wind.


Tomislav "Mistycal" Galić
Tomislav GalićBorn 02.08.1980. in Zagreb. Member of Windsurfing club "Zagreb" since 2003. and until today has been included in the permanent inventory of the club. Since 2005, a regular instructor and a huge promotor of the club with Petar. In love with the blue color of the sea and water sports. Lack of hair attributes to high speeds in windsurfing, not premature baldness. From 2010-2015. Vice president of the Windsurfing club "Zagreb".


Special thanks to: 

Tea "Micamacović" Glušica
Tea RistićBorn 21.07.1983. in Zagreb. She joined the Team in the second season and since then she has brought in (dis)order in our rows. She cannot miss irregularities and injustice and no street cat neither. Sees and hears everything and quite possibly you, currently reading this. She is capable, skillful, agile and impulsive and will solve everything that get in her way, including windsurfing.


Tomislav "Tome" Pelicarić
Tomislav PelicarićThe Good Spirit of Sv. Filip and Jakov. A person willing to offer its own kidney for someone else's good. He fought, stood and cheered for the success of The Surf PIT as if it was his own. If the goodness is gold, Tom is the richest man in the world.


Sailing Club "Sv. Filip i Jakov"
JK "Sveti Filip i Jakov"The club, under the expert guidance of the living legends of Jadran and Joško, is the most creditable for The Surf PIT as it is today. It is a pleasure to share the beach and the passion for the wind with them. Together we are constantly raising wind sports to a whole new level.


+385 91 1717101 (Petar)

+385 91 7361901 (Tomislav)

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