We are a windsurfing center with years of experience in training, offering high standards of equipment for beginners and experienced surfers.
Feel the wind, sun and fun at The Surf PIT.
"Wind is your friend, learn to play with it."
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Grupni tečaj surfanja u Surf Pitu

The windsurfing school on the Adriatic coast with years of experience

Our instructors are qualified and experienced, offering the best, most valuable windsurfing lessons in Croatia.

Windsurf like a pro

We provide quality windsurfing instructions, helping you learn to surf like a pro with our high-standard teaching methods and the latest equipment.
Pro surferi natječu se u regati
Oprema za surf

Everything you need to surf

We offer a wide range of boards and rigs for beginners as well as experienced surfers, so no matter your level you'll find what you need.

We have everything you need for practice or just having fun.

Windsurf or row in perfect conditions

We're located in a channel between the mainland and the island of Pašman that offers ideal conditions for surfing or rowing.

We also provide high-quality equipment rental so you can easily explore these conditions.

The Surf Pit Team

Come and relax while we teach you how to enjoy the wind and the sea. Our staff is at your disposal for all your questions.
Tomislav Galić
Tomislav has been windsurfing for 18 years. After being a secretary and instructor in KJD Zagreb, he co-founded The Surfpit. He is an instructor but often you will meet him on the beach overseeing the activities and answering all the inquiries and challenges of new and future surfers.
Manager Centra Filip Regvat
Filip Regvat - Vic
Center Manager
Filip is an experienced instructor having worked in many Croatian centers and clubs for many years. Besides being an instructor, he’s a receptionist, a repairman and a center manager. Although young, he is full of wisdom that he's willing to share with anyone who is willing to listen.
Instruktor Andrej Snovak
Andrej Snovak
This Czech with Croatian roots will be happy to introduce you to the magic of windsurfing, as he has been doing for years at TheSurfPit. He considers TheSurfPit his second home and if you can't find him on the beach, make sure you look out to the sea. He loves fast surfing and is very happy when the wind blows.
Instruktorica Tonka Posavec
Tonka Posavec
The only thing Tonka loves more than sports is the sea, so it was expected that she found herself in the role of instructor. Don't be fooled by her youth and petite build, Tonka is a God and a club at sea. A sports high school student who doesn't understand "no" and "can't" will turn you into a pro surfer.

Price list

We have courses for all ages and experience levels. Read the details and if something needs to be clarified, feel free to contact us.
Trial course
2 hours
Trial course that lasts 2 hours (1 day) and you will get the hint of the magic of windsurfing. The course starts with theoretical part on the beach (simulator) and the rest of the time is spent at the sea (or in the sea :)).

This course is for those who don`t have time for beginner course, or just want a taste of what it's like to stand on a board with sail in their hands and try to make their first movement on the sea.
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Full course
6 hours
Full course is our basic course, which lasts 6 hours (3 days). We begin with theoretical part on the beach (simulator) where you will learn about the equipment and windsurf terminology.

You will learn how to safely start off the beach and how to safely return to the beach, how to surf up and down wind, two basic turns, how to fight the sea current…
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Advanced course
4 hours
After the beginner course comes advanced course which lasts for 4 hours (4 days). The condition for advanced course is successfully completed beginner course.

During the advance course you will learn fast upwind turn (tack), fast downwind turn (jibe), how to use the harness and advanced beach start if weather conditions allow it.
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Private course
1 hour
Private lesson is for those who wants to master some specific element form any of the courses (beginner or advanced).

Private lesson DO NOT includes equipment because you can have private lesson with your own equipment (if it is suitable for specific element).
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Kids course
6 x 30 min
Like adults in the beginner course, young surfers will learn the basics of windsurfing here. The course takes place over 6 days, each day for 30 minutes. For the first 30 minutes, we will go through the theoretical part on dry land (simulator) where we get to know the equipment and the terminology that is very necessary for quality communication with the instructor at sea. This is followed by a ride with an instructor who is either on his board or kayak.

The courses are usually held in the morning and are intended for children who cannot surf with a group, so it's done 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 with an instructor.
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20% OFF on all prices

for everyone who has finished any course (except Trial course) at The Surf PIT (previous years included).


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"Excellent instructors, very hospitable. The place is in a great location for surfing. Definitely recommended for everyone who surfs but also those who want to learn!"
"Super satisfied with the team, their patience and acquired knowledge, recommended for everyone who wants to try windsurfing."
"We spent a week with you and it was amazing🤙! We recommend your Surf Pit to everyone. Tonka and Filip, you are great proofreaders!"
"My 9-year-old son took a 2-hour surfing lesson. We were more than satisfied and will book a 9-hour lesson next year."
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