In our center you can choose between following:

Early booking up to 31.05. – 10% off
Early booking pre-payment – 15% off
Trial course 2 hours 350 Kn
Full course 6 hours 750 Kn*
Advanced course 4 hours 600 Kn
Private lessons 1 hour 150 Kn**
School gear 1 hour 100 Kn
  1 day 300 Kn
FUN gear 1 hour 120 Kn
  1 day 360 Kn
Rescue   200 Kn
* 1 hour rent FREE!!!!.
** Does not include equipment.
5 hours + 1 hour FREE!!!  
20% OFF for everyone who has finished any course at the Surf PIT, previous years included.


Rent  (+ tour suggestions) 1 hour 80 Kn
  1 day 280 Kn
Rent (night session)  !!! NEW !!! 1 hour 110 Kn


Rent 1 hour 50 Kn
  1 day 150 Kn


Trial course that lasts 2 hours (1 day) and you will get the hint of the magic of windsurfing. The course starts with theoretical part on the beach (simulator) and the rest of the time is spent at the sea (or in the sea :)). This course is for those who don`t have time for beginner course, or just want a taste of what it's like to stand on a board with sail in their hands and try to make their first movement on the sea. Taught by experience, 95% of participants IMMEDIATELY after the trial course continue with the complete course, because in 2h they get the idea of how beautiful this really is.

The course includes: a comprehensive theory, board and sail, professional guidance

Price of the trial course is 350Kn (complete price list)


Full course is our basic course, which lasts 6 hours (3 days). During the course you will get the most valuable knowledge for really smooth and easy entrance in the world of windsurf.
We begin with theoretical part on the beach (simulator) where you will learn about the equipment and windsurf terminology. Every attendant will get their own equipment adjusted for them.
You will learn how to safely start off the beach and how to safely return to the beach, how to surf up and down wind, two basic turns, how to fight the sea current…and many other little tricks of real professionals.
It is practice to have two lessons per day, usually in the morning with one hour pause. If weather conditions (do not)allow it we will move agreed schedule.

The course includes: a comprehensive theory, board and sail, professional guidance

Price for the beginner course: 750Kn (complete price list)


After the beginner course comes advanced course which lasts for 4 hours (4 days).
The condition for advanced course is successfully completed beginner course. If someone has completed beginners course in some other center they will be tested for basic knowledge of the windsurfing because lack of experience and knowledge makes advanced course really difficult and even impossible to make.
During the advance course you will learn fast upwind turn (tack), fast downwind turn (jibe), how to use the harness and advanced beach start if weather conditions allow it.
Advanced course requires stronger wind and it is done after 13h.

The course includes: advanced theory, board and sail, expert guidance, trapeze

Price advanced course is 600Kn (complete price list)


Private lesson is for those who wants to master some specific element form any of the courses (beginner or advanced).
It is basically done one on one, but sometimes a couple or friends want to do private lesson together. It is nicer to do it in a pair.
Private lesson DO NOT includes equipment because you can have private lesson with your own equipment (if it is suitable for specific element).

The lesson includes: expert guideance

Price for the private lesson is 150Kn (complete price list)


The Surf PIT has the most modern and best equipment currently on the market. We use Severne sails and Starboard and JP boards. The sails are made of material called Dacron, which is really endurable and ideal for beginners. The boards are also specially designed for beginners to advanced users. They are very wide and navigable so that the first steps are very simple and fun.

The complete list of rental equipment and courses you can find HERE.


In The Surf PIT you can try SUP (Stand Up Paddle). If you are not into the "windy games", SUP is the thing for you. You take the board and the paddle and off you go to explore the beauty of the Filip and Jakov archipelago. How far will you go depends of your physical strength and ofcourse, weather conditions. 

We suggest these routes:

Route around Island Galešnjak - Island of love

Route lenght: 2,63Km / Route duration: 1h

Route around Island Babac 

Route lenght: 6,4Km / Route duration: 2h 30min

Route around Islands Veli i Mali Dužac 

Route lenght: 7,3Km / Route duration: 2h 45min

Route to place Pašman 

Route lenght: 6Km / Route duration: 2h 15min

Route map (click for a bigger map):

Kara SUP tura


!! NEW !! From season 2016. in The Surf PIT you can try NIGHT SUP experience on our LED lighted SUP boards. During the night, we do not recommend long routes but nice driving along the coast where your lighted SUP board opens a new perspective of the sea floor. 

Noćni SUP

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If boards are not for you, you can try our one seater kayak. Lean back, take water, sun cream, hat and go for an adventure. In SurFPIT´s aquatory  you can see a lot of small islands, bays and lagoons. Our suggested routes are the same as for the SUP.

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