This is the story of two friends who were introduced to a sport called windsurfing in 2003. They accidentally walked in Zagreb Jarun lake in local Windsurfing Club "Zagreb". It did not take long to get hooked on this wonderful sport full of challenges and adrenaline. The same year they went with their instructor to mecca of windsurf, Viganj on the Peljesac. And it changed them forever. This is where it all began.


Seven years later, a lot older, they become more experienced, but still in love with windsurfing. Becoming president and vice-president of the oldest windsurfing club in Croatia, Windsurfing club "Zagreb", which annually hosts and educates more than 100 students. They have several years of experience in well known Croatian windsurfing centers in Bol, Viganj on Pelješac, and one of them aqcuires European windsurfing instructor license and has become one of the two men in Croatia as a European recognized sensei of the sport!


But let's go a little backwards. Back in the year 2009 and look for the heroes of this story. Perhaps unbelievably, but here they are on beautiful beach basking.......cathing the last rays of the sun.


- "Dude, we should open our own windsurf school ... only ours!"

And the idea was born ...

- "How do you think ours ?! Where ?! How!? With what?! Equipment?!"

The motivation is going down ...

- "Oh, what a hell, we'll manage ... for 5 years we are teaching people how to surf, working in others people's centers, watching other people work in those centers ..."

- "You're right, if you do not try, we will never know, let's go !!!"

- "We will have the best school in the Adriatic sea!"

- "The best equipment!"

- "We will offer enjoyment and best proffesional guidance in this great sport"


And we are hearing the winning music in the background, idea was accepted and our two friends march in a new life adventure.

Within 8 months they have found their place under the sun in the beautiful seaside of Zadar, a place called Sv. Filip i Jakov near Biograd. They have built center, bought the equipment, got full confidence and gained a lot of the local municipality and acquired a lot of new friends.


The first season is over and they are stonger in their decision not to strive only for the money but to make people smile after they have finished the course. The prize is satisfaction of each and every individual who steps into The Surf PIT.


Others will show you how to windsurf and help you to spend your holiday actively, but Surf PIT will teach you how to enjoy windsurfing, sea and the wind... because sailing is a must!


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+385 91 7361901 (Tomislav)

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